Expressionism, Found Art, & Being An Artist In the Modern Age

studio shot


As artists, we create to express. That’s the whole point of it. We want to share what we have going on inside of us to the rest of the world. Expressionism is hyper focused that way. Expressionists create to evoke emotions. I create to evoke emotions in my work. 

Sometimes it can be less about what the art means, and more about what goes into making it. The materials used to make a piece of art, are equally important as the end result itself. The materials I use to create are found textiles.

The textiles that are used in abstract art can be gathered from your mother’s closet (if she lets you of course), a newspaper you found on the street, or your nephew’s crayons. Found materials are just that, they’re found. You have to go looking for them. That’s what I do. Each item can either be a random decision or an intentional choosing for each piece. Choosing certain items for a piece can help you incorporate a theme into the piece. Find your theme and style, so it will ladder up to who you are as a brand. When you have found your voice in your art, people will immediately recognize that it comes from you. 

You can use these found textiles in a way to create something organically, where it can inspire the viewer. These items can create a sense of nostalgia. Each person will get something different out of the piece. One man’s trash, is another man’s art. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Even if you don’t use found textiles to create your work, you can still look at this method when it comes to your creative process. Every action you make is a critical choice on how your piece of work with end up. 

Abstract art is up to the creator and the viewer. And we want the rest of the world to see it. But sometimes it’s hard to get your work seen. The world is distracted and self-absorbed. You need to make you and your work known. Have an online presence.

Showcase your work digitally even if it’s not a digital medium. Create social media content and engage with other artists. People will start talking about your art when you show up with it. You can’t just skip every showcase and exhibition for other artists and expect anyone to come to yours.

If you are a Miami artist like me, then you know just how much the environment around you can inspire your work. The distinct style of Miami itself inspires my work. In this modern world, we are constantly distracted and being drained of our creativity if we don’t pay attention.

We have to feed it. If you are lacking creativity and feel burnt out, take a walk in your neighborhood, collect objects and take mental notes of your surroundings. Then take what you’ve observed and reflect on that through your artwork. 

Remember that to be an artist you just have to create. So create with intention. Create with your own style. Create with a purpose. Just, create. Remember Shateek Loves you!